The nitty-gritty details: the ballots, counting procedures, etc.


All of the ballots in a region contain the same set of candidates. The candidates are organized by riding (the columns) and party (the rows). The voter’s own riding is…

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Counting Votes

Counting votes is an important part, perhaps the most important part, of any electoral system. Here, we explain it for Local Proportional Representation in increasing levels of detail…

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Quota is the term used for the smallest number of votes that will guarantee the election of a candidate. In a first-past-the-post election, where there is one and only one winner, quota is…

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Modelling is the process of trying to figure out how an election would have turned out if a different set of rules had been used. Models can be constructed with spreadsheets, computer programs, or even by hand…

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Tweaks to Consider

Antony Hodgson, President of Fair Voting B.C. wondered if the transfer of surplus votes was really necessary. It’s the most complicated part of the process and the easiest to get wrong…

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